Making Smart Retirement Decisions

Retiring is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Without proper planning, federal employees can see their incomes drop 70 to 80 percent once they stop earning a full-time government salary and turn to their FERS basic annuity and Social Security.

Without assistance, it can be difficult to accurately determine what your quality of life will be when your retirement commences. There are a number of decisions to be made it comes to retirement planning. Making them must be done with knowledge and accurate figures in order to achieve your financial  into retirement.

Let Us Help Plan Your Tomorrow Today

At MyFedRetirementWerks, we’ll guide you through the planning process and suggest ways to maximize your retirement benefits while minimizing potential financial duress along the way.

We’ll perform a thorough examination of your federal benefits package and provide you with a Free Benefits Workbook, customized just for your situation and goals.

We will help determine whether you are using your TSP effectively, whether you should maintain your government life insurance, or if there’s a better commercial alternative.

Together we’ll explore options and help you prepare a long-term plan to avoid the hardship of a 70 to 80 percent drop in income when you retire.

There are many questions about federal retirement, yet very few easy, clear answers:

When should I choose my retirement date?

How much of my retirement benefit is taxable?

What is the maximum benefit I can receive?

Will I have enough money on hand to maintain my standard of living?

What role will my government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) play in my retirement?

Am I investing enough money in my TSP?

Should I consider rolling over my TSP into a privately managed plan?

Should I consider phased retirement?

What is the best retirement age for Social Security?

Our job is to calculate the numbers and help you gain a clear understanding of your post-retirement life before you get there. Request a free consultation with one of our benefit specialists today.


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