Social Security

Social Security is a critical step for most every American who plans on retiring. Let us help you get the most out of it, while helping you properly understand what you are entitled to.

In 1984 the Federal Employees Retirement System, or FERS—was introduced. People who began working for the Federal government in 1984 or later are automatically covered by FERS instead of CSRS (pre-1984 system). Workers who chose to switch to the FERS program when it became available (1984 or after) are covered by Social Security while those who chose to stay with the CSRS are not. This may or may not even matter to you depending on factors like your age, years of service as a federal employee, etc.

Already sounds confusing, right? 

You can relax, because that is our job… to simplify the explanation and utilization of your federal social security benefits.

There are other considerations associated with social security and retirement, such as the concept of “Early Retirement”, the “WEP” (the Windfall Elimination Provision), and “Government Pension Offset”.

To effectively learn more about your Social Security benefits  contact one of our benefits specialists.

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